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Annual Refinishing


Each year Mangieri Refinishing refinishes anywhere from 40-50 gymnasium floors in the Central Illinois.  From floors on the campus of University of Illinois, to the smallest of rural high schools, we take care of the hardwood with the newest technology and a technique stemming from decades of experience.

Sanding and Re-Sanding



Every decade or two, a gym floor will need to be sanded. Though we don't do that ourselves, we work with a trusted team to make sure that when it does get done, it gets done right. 

Floor Replacement


When a school or a YMCA has the fortune of lasting for several decades, sometimes it outlasts the life span of its floor.  We know who to call and collaborate with to make sure you get taken care of with a new floor that you will love through the next era of your school's lifespan.

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Sam Mangieri Jr. began refinishing gymnasium floors with his father in the 60's. Upon starting his own contract janitorial service, he incorporated Gymnasium Floor Refinishing work and found he had a real knack for it.  Now he has turned this multigenerational business over into one more generation, as his son, Sam Mangieri III is taking on the trade as well.  This legacy brings the knowledge and experience your floor deserves: 

  • Over 60 combined years of experience in gym floor care and maintenance.

  • Can provide both total sand, stripe, and finish as well as annual clean and re-coat work.

  • Will train your in house staff for daily gym floor care and maintenance, free of charge.

  • Over a quarter million sq.ft. of gym floors re-finished annually by our own direct employees.  We do not sub out contracted work. You get the “A” team on each and every job.

  • 100% on time completion rate for 19 plus years. When we commit to being there at a date and time we always follow through.

  • Most efficient turnaround times in the business for re-finishing work, resulting in minimal interruption for your gym to be out of service.




Year Established

Floors Completed

When it comes to refurbishing gym floors…Sam Mangieri is the only one I would hire to have any size floor done.   Here's why. When we consolidated and became Abingdon-Avon we had a different company do our floors both at the High School and at our Middle School.  After 2 years of talking with our old company about how slippery the floors were and how fast they broke down, we decided to call Sam and give him a shot at fixing our problem.


The rest is history—they came in and talked to us regarding our concerns and that was the end of it.  Problem solved.  Sam has been refurbishing our floors for the last 9 years and as a bygone commercial used to say the “Quality goes in BEFORE the name goes on” that fits Sam Mangieri and his team to a “T”.


One last thing…..Sam and his team are also very accommodating as to the flexibility of getting things done on time and in a very timely manner.  

Phil Willis



"I highly recommend Sam Mangieri to work with any area YMCA.  Very professional, trustworthy, fair price and they clean up their area.  I have had the pleasure of working with Sam for at least the last 20 years.  When I started working for the Mercer County Family YMCA in July of 2013  the gym floor needed to be refinished at their annual shutdown in August.  The company that did their floor in 2015 had made a mistake and the floor bubbled so they were going to give us a "discount" in 2016. But I didn't want to take another chance with a company that took longer to deliver their service in 2015. I had always worked with Sam Mangieri at my previous YMCA - Knox County. I never had any issues so I called Sam and explained my gym floor situation.  I knew it was going to be tight for Sam to do our gym floor but he knew I was in a bind and moved his schedule around to make it work for my YMCA. Not only did he make it work he actually said our gym floor did not need to be done every year - but would stop in next winter to make sure before he gave us the year off.  Sam did stop and checked our floor then met with me and set up an every other year schedule.  This was a savings to my YMCA and allowed us to complete other projects in the off year.  No other vendor would take the time to really make sure our floor was in good shape and help us save money."

Sarah Brown
401 SW 2nd Ave, Aledo IL 61231
(P) 309 582 5101 





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